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Digital Learning: Presentation Technology


Projeqt logo

As their tag line states, Projeqt is "an artful way to create, present and share real-time stories." This program allows you to include videos in your typical presentations, but it also lets you embed dynamic content (RSS feedsd, search alerts) and social media (Tweets, Facebook status updates), so your presentation is ever changing and up-to-date. Explore Projeqt below and also view some sample presenations.

Technology for Presentations

Don't Be Like This Guy

This guide contains (free!) tools that can help you enhance your presentations with technology.  Anyone?  Anyone?


Zaption logo

If you use videos from YouTube or Vimeo, then Zaption is a tool you need to know. It allows you to embed various interactive elements including questions (mulitiple choice, open answer, check boxes), images, and slides to make the act of passively watching a video more active. Check it out on the link below.

Technology for Presentations

This is a list of presentation technologies.  While many require you to create an account, they are all free (or at least have a free component).