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Digital Learning: Apps

Apps You're Already Using

You have several programs that you already use on a regular basis (most likely), but did you know there is an app for that. Here are some apps of programs you might already be using.

Apps Everywhere

screen with various Apple apps

"There's An App For That" by Kathy Blades (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

With the continual increase in the number of students with smart phones as well as the increase in the number of classes with ready access to tablets, apps have become a popular method of conveying information. Chances are whatever you want to do in class, there is an app to help with it. This guide will provide lists of apps that you could use, websites that will give you further information about using apps in the classroom, and additional information about using apps.

Subject-specific apps are located on the appropriate subject-specific guide under the "Apps" tab above.

Citation Apps

While these citation apps might make creating your citations easier, PLEASE NOTE that none of them is perfect. In the end, you still need to check the citations for accuracy. If you need help with citations, check out the library's citation guide.