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THEA 409 Period Play Production

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Best Strategy: 

  • Use the Discovery Search Box (below) to locate material in the Carmichael Library.
  • Use WorldCat to locate material in both Carmichael Library and other academic libraries.  

Discovery Search Box

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Research Tip

Suggested terms to search for Books and Articles

  • Families History
  • Furniture History
  • Woodwork
  • Stage Adaptations
  • Stage Management

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Browse the library shelves by Call Number

  • NK1700-2138- House Decoration, General, Special Rooms
  • NA190-1555.5- Architecture, History
  • NX440-632- History of the Arts
  • PN1720-1861- Drama. History
  • PN2000-3307- Dramatic representation. The Theater.
  • PN2131-2193. By time period.
  • Ancient Art and Architecture: N5312-6250, NA 5620, NB 115-164
  • Ancient Cities: HT 111-115
  • Ancient Greece DF10-289
  • Ancient history  D51-90
  • Ancient Italy. Rome to 476   DG11-365
  • Ancient Religion: BL 680-980
  • Coins: CJ 75-1001
  • History of Civilization      CB3-482
  • History of the Greco-Roman world           DE1-100
  • Medieval and modern history, 476­          D101-110.5
  • Medieval history              D111-203
  • Roman Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography      DG75-190
  • Roman History & Archaeology: DG 1-330. 

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