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COMS 101/102: Foundations of Oral Communication: Finding Articles

Vital Speeches of the Day

Vital Speeches of the Day includes transcripts from speeches covering a wide range of topics beginning with the October 8, 1934 issues. You can search this title through Academic Search Premier or browse it directly through the link above.

Resource Profile: Scholarly Articles

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How can you tell if a journal article is scholarly?  Often journals will have editorial policies and submission guidelines(in print or on the journal website) that tell you whether or not a journal is scholarly.  Some database search engines allow you to limit your searches to peer reviewed journals.   

How are scholarly journal articles different from regular articles?  Scholarly articles go through a process called peer review.  Articles are only published if other expertsagree that the article contributes to the field. 

Searching for Communication and Media Articles

Carmichael Library subscribes to many databases that contain resources which will help you prepare for your COMS assignments.  You can view the complete Database A-Z listing here or click one of the links below.  The following is a list of some recommended databases to start with as you're researching your speech topic.

Sources for Local News

Cite your sources!

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One of the basic rules of library research is that you must cite the sources you draw on for information!  Citation styles vary, depending on the field you are working in.  Carmichael Library has developed a handy research guide to help you cite your sources, and we are happy to help you with citation questions.  Please make use of our Citation Guide, and when in doubt, feel free to ask a librarian! 


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